General Information

The 2018 PCAPPA Conference will enable you to discover best practices and trends that will help you and your institution. You will hear success stories, talks and workshops that will inspire you to introduce new ideas at your institutions, and you will become motivated, inspired and an agent of change through our two and a half day program. We learn, celebrate, motivate, elevate, demonstrate and sometimes commiserate with our peers because, “We’re all in this together.”

PCAPPA Membership

Get ready to register and receive a discount by becoming a PCAPPA member! The 2018 Annual Meeting is a PCAPPA event. Member/Non-member pricing is based on PCAPPA membership; chapter and APPA membership is not the same as PCAPPA membership. The registration data will be audited and if you register with an incorrect member registration type, your rates will be changed and you will be invoiced for any remaining amounts due. If your PCAPPA membership is no longer valid and you would like to renew or to become a new PCAPPA member, click here.

We look forward to your participation at the conference!